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Our mission is to make collecting clinical outcome data simple.

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It is fast and easy to enter a procedure. After logging in, click “Operations” and then “Add Operation”. The required fields are marked with a red asterisk. Optional fields may be left blank, however remember that the more data you enter the more meaningful your results will be.

Capturing patient-reported outcomes (PROs) helps you capture the patient experience. These are best administered prior to the procedure and then at any timepoint(s) following the procedure you choose. After entering the operation, click “Operations” and then “Add Patient Reported Outcome”. Selected the standardised PRO you would like to record.

Yes, our cloud platform is robust, highly secure, and GDPR-compliant. If you are located in the United States, please contact our support team for assistance with HIPAA compliance.

Yes, you own your data. You are free to access, amend, share, or withdraw your data at anytime.

Your hospital or clinic may already be covered by one of our multi-site ethics approvals. Our support team will guide you through the process and work directly with your local governance committee to ensure you are compliant with the laws and regulations for your country.

You do not need to download or purchase any software. Use the web browser on your computer or tablet to access the Login page. For the best desktop experience, we recommend using Google Chrome.

Entering an outcome takes as little as 30 seconds. Click “Operations” and then “Add Follow-up”. Select the procedure from the dropdown box and then fill in the required fields plus any other optional fields you wish.

Don’t worry. Simply click “Edit” next to the procedure or outcome you would like to change. If you would like to delete a record, please contact our friendly support team for assistance.

Your data is securely stored on data servers powered by Amazon Web Services.