Anthony King

Professor King qualified from University College Galway in 1987 and undertook ophthalmology postgraduate training in the UK. He was awarded an MD “Progression to blindness in Glaucoma” from the University of Leicester and undertook fellowship training in Glaucoma in London at the Western Ophthalmic and Anterior Segment and Cornea in Nottingham.

Professor King is currently a consultant ophthalmologist with a subspecialist interest in glaucoma at Nottingham University Hospital and an Honorary Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Nottingham. His primary research interest is in the clinical management of glaucoma particularly advanced glaucoma. He has received research funding support from the NIHR-HTA program and the International Glaucoma Association.

Professor King is currently the Chief Investigator of the NIHR funded Treatment of Advanced Glaucoma Study (TAGS) and the IGA funded Evaluation of Ocular Surface Inflammation Study.